How to Start a Bullet Journal

This post is the first in my series of Bullet Journal posts and tells you all about starting your very own bullet journal. From what your first page should be, to essential spreads, this post is everything about the popular trend, bullet journaling.



This is one of the most important things to do when starting a bullet journal. You have to remember to number each page after you write on it and make a note of the topic and page number in your index. This allows you to find particular pages after you have filled most of your bullet journal. In my journal, the first three pages are for my index. On each of these pages, I have a table with two sections: one for my page number and the other for the topic or title of the page. This helps to organise my bullet journal and find pages quickly.



In bullet journal terms, a spread is any page in your entire journal. A monthly spread is a page that you write every month. To start my monthly spreads, I like to write the month in calligraphy or fancy handwriting and decorate the page with artwork. Depending on how much time you have, you can customise your monthly spread however you like. I like to draw a simple calendar and number the days. I use this to write key events that will be happening during the month.



Weekly spreads are normally written after the monthly spreads . For these spreads you organise your week into one or two pages. You can decorate these pages in whatever way you desire but you do have to leave space to write notes for each of the days of the week. I usually make a section for each day, so I have space to write events or to-do lists, for that particular day. If you have any space leftover, it is also helpful to add a section for any additional thoughts or ideas.



This is also an important spread to have in your bullet journal. It is a spread for each day, so that you have more space for the really busy days of your week. You may be able to fit a few days on one page but it really depends on your schedule and how much you have to do each day. Personally, I like my daily spreads to be spaced out so that they are simple and clear.


I hope that this post was useful and has inspired you to start a bullet journal. If you don’t want to miss out on my next post then make sure to follow my blog.


These are some of my favourite bullet journal spreads!

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