Writing Prompts

If you ever feel like writing but just don’t know what to write, this post is for you. I have compiled a list of writing prompts to help you whenever you get writer’s block.

Write about your dream day

It could be at the beach, in a forest or on holiday. Describe it as best as you can.

Write a story about someone who finds a secret passage in their house

What do they find in it? Is it something good or something bad? What are their emotions?

Write a story from the perspective of someone’s pet

Is the owner spending lots of time at home? Or have they abandoned the pet?

Write a story about a character making a big change

The character could be moving countries or even starting secondary school.

Write a story about someone who can pause and rewind time

How do they use this power? Do they use it for good or bad? What memories do they choose to relive?

Write a story about someone heading home from work or school

Do they meet someone interesting? Or do they get lost on the way?

Write about someone who receives an unexpected phone call

Does it change their life forever? Do they get an opportunity they have only dreamed of?

You see something out of the window…

What is it? Is it something magic? Or is it someone unexpected?

Write about a scene far from where you live

Describe the sights, smells and how the place feels.

Write a scene or story in which a character receives an unusual gift

What is the gift? What is the impact of receiving this gift?

Write a scene or story that involves a dream

It could be a character waking up from a dream, describing a dream they had or realizing they are in a strange dream.

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