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Linda Davies

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I recently met Linda Davies at the Emirates Airline Literature Festival. I thought she was extremely inspiring. She signed my book with the message ‘Aim High’. This really struck a chord with me. It made me realise that this is probably how she became a successful author by always aiming high.

In Linda’s talk she stated that at the time of her childhood, growing up in South Wales, girls were supposed to clean and cook. However, her Mum and Dad gave her the freedom to do things ‘meant’ for boys. When she was young, her goal was to study at Oxford University. Her french teacher told her that she would never be able to achieve her goal. Determined, Linda proved her french teacher wrong and studied at one of the best universities in the world. This teaches us to always believe in ourselves and persevere.

Linda graduated in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) from Oxford University. After university she worked as an investment banker. Soon after, she wrote an article to the local newspaper about how much she hated her job. Impressed with her style of writing the newspaper gave her a job. The next day several banks also offered her a job. Whilst working as a journalist she wrote a book on the side. When her book was liked by so many people around the world, she quit her job and started writing full-time.

Linda took inspiration for the ‘Long Bow Girl,  from her own childhood. On her birthday her Dad gave her a longbow, one of her important possessions. As well as being the ‘Longbow Girl’ she also had a pony, Jacintha, who is talked about in this wonderful book. Linda has also written books for adults.

Interestingly, Linda lived in Dubai for eight years with her husband and three children. She initially planned to stay for three years but fell in love with the desert and the sea.

She won the Philip Geddes Prize for journalism. During her time in Dubai she set up the Creative Writing Competition for Children and Young Adults at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature.

Linda now lives with her family close to the tranquil sight and smell of the sea in Suffolk, cooking up new ideas and adventures.



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