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Can you write a short description about the beautiful lavender fields?

Don’t forget to use your five senses, similes, metaphors, personification, onomatopoeia and alliteration for your description.

The description should be between 200 – 400 words.

The best piece will be posted on the blog.

Please follow the blog and send entries to

Congratulations to Damla for winning the best spooky description!

Your prize is on its way.

The Forbidden Tower


It was a horrible night. A night I can’t bear remembering. And that is, all because of Harvey. The day he led me into the woods… I knew something was up. I knew that I couldn’t trust him. But I did. He told me I would love it, love him. He convinced me.

I’d read it in some old history books, that the haunted building, it killed anyone who had dared to step inside. There was no evidence that those people were dead, or even killed, but everyone assumed, as people who ever went in, would never came out. But of course, except me. Even I don’t know how I survived. The Forbidden Towers, it was called. An awful place. As dark as the shadows. It was my nightmares coming true! I can remember the creepy dusty steps, which led to the tower. It was really dark, I didn’t know where I was going… Even the bright big moon wouldn’t give me any light. The sound of the dancing trees in the breeze really made me jump. I remember the inside too, all dirty and full of cobwebs. I had never liked spiders, but there were trillions of them. It was empty, except some small piles of bones lying about on the floor…

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