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A Shoe’s Perspective

I can’t bear it anymore. The stamping and stomping of those children’s feet. Oh! and apologies for not introducing myself, my name is Lightning Lizzie or as humans call me Silver Pumps! I mean how rude is that, calling a pair of victorious and wonderful shoes Silver Pumps! It is not something to be proud of.

Anyway, moving on I will tell you another reason why humans are not the clever people they think they are. Yesterday when Mia, my owner, and her best friend, Liv told Emily, their nanny, that they were going to write a story, they started talking about how hard it was to put themselves in other people’s shoes! Who couldn’t do that, it is as easy as one…two…three.

There was this one day when we all went to the beach to have some fun. It all started with us driving to London Victoria to collect Mia’s Russian cousin, Anastatia . We then drove to the beach arriving in the scorching heat. Everyone was in the spirit of summer, with ice-lollies being licked while beach mats were being placed on the sand. What was not that jolly was that I was replaced by Flip-Flop Frankie! She is not even as pretty as me! Well, that put an end to my happiness. I did not think the day could get any worse but it did. Do you know how? I was used as a  spade! Yes, a spade. Sand was scooped inside me and it did not stop until Emily and Mia’s mum called for us to go home. As I let out a sigh of relief I was slipped back onto Mia’s sandy feet which led me to the car and back home.




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