My Tales

The Stranger

It was 3.30pm and I was walking home from school. Although the sky was gloomy and dark clouds had gathered ominouslyin the sky, I still felt energetic. Suddenly, I remembered that I had to go to the high street to buy a birthday present for my best friend, Liv. On the hunt for something glittery, sophisticated, pink and useful, I scouredthe shops and discovered something unexpected.

At my favourite store noticed a tall woman with mousy brown hair in a topknot. She had apricot-toned skin studdedwith freckles. Shimmering, piercing, blue eyes started back at me while I examined this stranger. I avertedmy gaze as I felt her eyes boring holes in me; she made me feel rather uncomfortable. Walking elegantly she made her way around the designers store. Her long fingers brushed past every item on the shelf. It seemed as if she owned the place. She wore a glamorous headband with rhinestones and sparkly diamond earrings. She was dressed in a nylon blouse with a linen skirt and knee-high boots. I caught myself glancing at her several times whilst I looked for a gift for Liv. 

However, something was not right about this perfect looking woman. As she browsedaround the shop, I noticed her looking surreptitiouslyat the security cameras above. She went from one aisle to another touching all the jewellery items and then left the shop. Intrigued, I followed her. She stopped in an alley way. Once she was partially hidden behind the skip, I saw her take out her hair – it was a wig! A small, black bun was under the wig. Next, I saw her open her bag and stealthily change all her clothes. By this time I was beside myself with curiositybut couldn’t figure out what she was up to. I then saw her remove her contact lenses and her eyes were in fact brown and not blue! The hair at the back of my neck stood up in warning. Cautiously, I stepped forward to see what she was doing, when I accidently stood on an empty can that crunched loudly under my feet.

To my dismay, the lady heard me and instantly took flight after giving me a deadly glare. With my heart beating at the speed of sound and sweat dripping down my back I ran back to the safety of the shop only to find great commotionin the shop. “What’s going on?” I asked the shop assistant. “That browned hair elegant lady has stolen many expensive pieces of jewels,” exclaimed the worried sales-lady. “We are just checking the cameras for her description”, she explained.

That’s when I blurted out my story. Thanks to my accurate description of the stranger to the police, they apprehended her. The jewels were returned and I was given a £50 reward! I was pleased with myself bought a Liv a lovely present! Thank goodness I was alert to the stranger! 

A Day at the Beach

I woke up to the bright rays of sunshine smiling at me through the cottage window. Enthusiastically, I stared out of the window noticing the sun was like a gleaming jewel on a bracelet of clear, blue skies. Picture perfect weather for a marvellous day at the beach! As keen as mustard, I thundered down the stairs as the quaint floorboards groaned under my weight! Bursting excitedly into the kitchen, I started my mission to coax my parents into going to the beach… thankfully they agreed.

As I stepped into the sand my feet sunk. As the sand soothed my feet I glanced at the shore, hypnotised by its charm. The sapphire ocean called me as the gentle breeze stroked my face. Up above the screeching seagulls circled an ancient fishing boat hoping for a share of the catch. In distance stood a fifteen metre dune. As fast as the speed of sound I sprinted to the dune.

The dune climber; that was who I was! When I reached the top I scanned the endless horizon. The sun was a furnace and I was the queen of the ocean, queening over the sunbathers. Suddenly, I slipped down the soft sand. I was on a slide. My heart was beating rapidly. Zooming down the dune it felt as if I was on a rollercoaster! At last I came to a halt. Adrenalin was pumping through me like never before, as I landed on the soft sandy carpet.

The heat seemed to follow me and perspiration trickled down my face. So to cool off from my thrilling experience, I ran to the shore as the wave crashed against the sand causing a loud splash. I jumped into the water; I got transported into another world. Colourful fish swam around me while seaweed tickled my feet. A shiver of pleasure cascaded down my spine. The ocean felt so huge and airy. I felt like a speck in an immense watery universe.

Below me, an incredible world existed. Fish as tiny as my fingers, to fish that were as big as me, swam free and wild, away from all the troubles of the world. Colourful coral undulated the ocean’s rhythm. Sea creatures danced to the music. It was so peaceful and tranquil and I felt like Ariel in her Atlantic paradise.

After an exciting day, we ended it with a tantalising barbecue at the beach. The aroma of lobster wafted through. My taste-buds tingled as I tasted the delectable grilled seafood. As we watched the magnificent sunset I thought about how fortunate I was. The bright colours in the sky were like a Monet painting and were a perfect end to our day!

A Shoe’s Perspective

I can’t bear it anymore. The stamping and stomping of those children’s feet. Oh! and apologies for not introducing myself, my name is Lightning Lizzie or as humans call me Silver Pumps! I mean how rude is that, calling a pair of victorious and wonderful shoes Silver Pumps! It is not something to be proud of.

Anyway, moving on I will tell you another reason why humans are not the clever people they think they are. Yesterday when Mia, my owner, and her best friend, Liv told Emily, their nanny, that they were going to write a story, they started talking about how hard it was to put themselves in other people’s shoes! Who couldn’t do that, it is as easy as one…two…three.

There was this one day when we all went to the beach to have some fun. It all started with us driving to London Victoria to collect Mia’s Russian cousin, Anastatia . We then drove to the beach arriving in the scorching heat. Everyone was in the spirit of summer, with ice-lollies being licked while beach mats were being placed on the sand. What was not that jolly was that I was replaced by Flip-Flop Frankie! She is not even as pretty as me! Well, that put an end to my happiness. I did not think the day could get any worse but it did. Do you know how? I was used as a  spade! Yes, a spade. Sand was scooped inside me and it did not stop until Emily and Mia’s mum called for us to go home. As I let out a sigh of relief I was slipped back onto Mia’s sandy feet which led me to the car and back home.