Interview: Rehan Khan

Rehan Khan is a talented Dubai-based author and history buff. He bases his stories on historical events, integrating plenty of gripping action and suspense. Mr Khan is the author of 'A King’s Armour' and 'A Tudor Turk', which was nominated for the Carnegie Medal in 2020. He recently very kindly agreed to be interviewed by... Continue Reading →

Alice Jones, by Sarah Rubin

Alice Jones is a good book for anybody who likes a good detective story. The story is gripping and exceptionally amazing. It is a brilliant mystery which keeps you guessing until the end. If you enjoy solving mysteries then this is the book for you. Maths whizz Alice Jones has already solved a mystery or... Continue Reading →

The World’s Worst Children, by David Walliams

This story has everyone's interests at heart as it talks through lives of the world's worst children from boisterous babies to gruesome girls. Tony Ross's imaginative illustrations compliment the wonderful writing of David Walliam. This gang of hilariously horrible children will be sure to make you laugh. This book is split into short stories for you... Continue Reading →

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