Share the Love of Reading

We all love books and are very fortunate that our parents buy us so many of them. However, there are schools just a few miles away from us which have empty library shelves and the childrens’ parents cannot afford to buy them books. I therefore thought about how I could make a difference and I came up with a simple idea. I figured that if every child in my school donated at least one book, then we could potentially collect hundreds of books to give to these less privileged schools.

With the support of my amazing school, I ran the ‘Share the Love of Reading’ campaign. The generosity of our parents and students was overwhelming. We successfully collected 1,615 books and donated them to a charitable school in Dubai, a public library in Cape Town and a charitable school in the province of Sindh, Pakistan.

I really appreciate the outstanding level of support received from everyone and I am sure that all of the children at the schools we donated the books to will as well.