10 things to do when you’re bored in lockdown

Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2) is a global pandemic that has brought the whole world to a standstill. Many people are now having to stay at home to prevent the virus from spreading. Being in “lockdown” gives us (especially us kids) quite a lot of extra time to kill! To help to combat extreme lockdown-induced boredom, I’ve come up with some ideas of things to do in your additional spare time at home. 

Remember to always follow the official sources of guidance on COVID-19, such as from the World Health Organization (www.who.int). 

Stay home, stay safe and enjoy!

1. Write a journal

Journaling has become extremely popular in the past year and there are many reasons why. First and foremost, its a way to get to know yourself better. You could for example create a daily entry where you just write down all your thoughts from the day. This would be really interesting to reflect on later in life. You could see how you were coping in these tough times. If you don’t feel like committing yourself to journaling everyday, you could just write any thoughts or emotions you feel like writing down. Sometimes, if you’re finding life a little hard, just writing your feelings down in a journal can make you feel better.  

2. Learn a new skill

Now that you have some extra time on our hands you could learn something new. You could for example access an online webinar or tutorial. There are so many free resources online that could teach you that one thing you have been wanting to learn for ages. It could be photography, calligraphy or interior design. You should make use of this valuable time to expand your knowledge and skills.

3. Take a virtual tour

Google Street View allows you to take virtual tours of many of the world’s most famous landmarks. There are tours within museums, stately homes, The White House and even 10 Downing Street! As well as amazing 360 degree views, it also gives you interesting facts and figures about the places you visit. Its a great way to explore the world from the comfort of your home!

4. Exercise

Being at home doesn’t mean you can’t stay active and fit. Why not work out? With so many people at home, there are loads of home workouts on YouTube to follow now. If you have a garden, why not just run around it or you could learn to skip? Its a fun way to stay active and burn some calories. Always remember to warm up and stretch to avoid injuries!

5. Read a book

Reading is one of the best ways to spend time. If you find a good book you can spend hours engrossed as if you’re in another world. If reading a paper book is not your cup of tea, then you could listen to an audio book or read an e-book. There‘s so much amazing literature out there. You could read an adventure story or a book about mindfulness. Choose something that you are interested in. If you’re not sure what to read, check out some of my reviews!

6. Make your own podcast

Making a podcast is also a fun thing to do when you are bored. Even if you don’t end up posting it or showing it to anyone, it can be a fun thing to look back on when you’re older. You could choose any topic you are interested in and just talk about it. Who knows, you may actually publish it and end up becoming famous (or infamous)! However, if you’re afraid to post it, you don’t have to, just keep it as a memory. You could even make a podcast about what’s actually happening in the world right now.

7. Bake or cook something

Baking and cooking can be super fun things to do when you’ve got some time on your hands. There are so many different recipes out there to master. Even if you don’t end up perfecting it on your first try, practice makes perfect! If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, then you can bake a cake, cup cakes or brownies. There are so many simple recipes that you will be able to impress your family in no time!

8. Learn a new language

We are so lucky that we live in the day and age of technology. Technology can allow us to learn many different languages from our homes. One app that I would recommend for learning a new language, is Duolingo. I have used Duolingo to improve my French and it is my favourite language app. There are so many languages to choose from. After mastering each topic, you unlock the next and so on. You also feel a sense of achievement after completing a lesson everyday.

9. Keep up your studies

We have so much time now that we are stuck at home. Why not use some of it to keep up with your studies! There may be a test coming up that you need to revise for or you may need to type out some of your notes. Either way, this is a perfect time to be doing some extra learning. You may even want to read around the next topic you are going to be learning about. If you want to make studying more interesting there are a number of apps that help to do just that. Some of my favourites are: TinyCards, Quizlet and Khan Academy.

10. Have a Spring clean

If you’re at home all the time, you probably have a messy room, so why not do a Spring clean? You might not want to tackle your whole room yet, but you could always take a small step towards doing so by organising your drawers or your desk. The sense of satisfaction after decluttering can be amazing. This might also be a good time to donate some of your things, like books you’ve read or pre-loved toys, to charity. As well as tidying up, you’ll also be doing something good for others less fortunate than you.

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