6 Best Summer Reads

Hooray! It’s the summer holidays and with so much free-time on our hands it is essential that we have a list of interesting books to read. Therefore, I have compiled a list of top six books to read this summer. Remember, if you read any of these books make sure to tell me what you think of them in the comments.

6. The Accidental Billionaire, Tom McLaughlin


This book is full of humour. It is about a regular child, Jasper Spam, who is mad about science. Jasper likes carrying out, mostly unsuccessful, experiments. One afternoon after attempting to split an atom, he accidentally gives his cat the power to talk. In no time, people are queuing up for Jasper to make their cats talk. Jasper and his Nan have suddenly become billionaires however, there is a price to pay and money will not save him from this disastrous situation…

5. Ballet Shoes, Noel Streatfeild


This timelessly magical read is one of Jacqueline Wilson’s favourite books. I am sure that many people would like this story about three adopted orphans brought up together and sent to stage school to make a living for themselves. Blonde-haired Pauline, a star on stage, is the oldest of the orphans and is always auditioning for roles in a variety of plays. However, the middle child, Petrova, abhors performing on stage and wants to fly planes when she is older. The youngest child, red-haired Posy, loves ballet and wants to become a ballet dancer. The author evokes heartfelt empathy and makes the reader feel a strong attachment to the three sisters.

4. A Place Called Perfect, Helena Duggan


Violet hates living in Perfect. Why does everyone have to wear glasses to stop themselves from being blind? Why is everyone acting so strange? When Violet’s Dad goes missing, Violet knows that she has to put a stop to this. She discovers that something bizarre is going on in town. Then she meets Boy… She realises that her Dad is not the only one to have vanished. She needs to find out what the mysterious ‘Watchers’ are hiding…

3.The Children Of Castle Rock, Natasha Farrant


This witty adventure is full of mystery and courageous characters. As Robin Stevens stated, this is ‘an utter cracker’ of a book and I most definitely agree. When Alice’s family home has to be sold, she and her Dad, Barney, will do anything to get it back. Soon, adventurous Alice Mistlethwaite is packed off to boarding school in Scotland. Run by a peculiar Major, there are no punishments and the children are more likely to learn how to survive in the salt marshes of Scotland than any real subjects. When Alice’s Dad goes missing, she must run away to find him. However, can she persuade her friends to join her on this thrilling, exhilarating and fast-paced adventure?

2. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Illustrated Version), J.K. Rowling


Prepare to be spellbound by the imaginative illustrations by Jim Kay. His dazzling drawings bring the story to life as young Harry Potter starts his first year at the prestigious wizard school, Hogwarts. Harry Potter discovers that he is no ordinary boy but an extremely famous figure in the wizard world. Moreover, at Hogwarts, he encounters “He Who Must Not Be Named”, an expert at dark magic and his plans are too terrible to imagine…

1. The Clockwork Sparrow, Katherine Woodfine


As Sophie Taylor is left penniless when her father dies, she decides to try and make a living for herself. When she sees a notice for jobs at the largest Edwardian Department store in London, she knows that the notice was made for her to see. On her first day in the Millinery Department at Sinclair’s, all the other girls think that she is stuck up but she makes friends with the porter, Billy and beautiful, Lillian Rose. A daring burglary of ‘The Clockwork Sparrow’ throws them all into a thrilling adventure. Sophie is a determined heroine, the mystery is cleverly plotted while all the clothes, hats, perfumes and cakes make the story captivating, enthralling and fascinating. However, will Billy, Sophie and Lillian discover who is behind this terrible theft before it’s too late?

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