Muddle Earth, by Paul Stewart

Joe the Barbarian, the warrior hero, has been summoned to Muddle Earth. He has to battle dragons and find an ogre’s cuddly toy. Everyday he begs Randalf the Wise, a wizard, to summon him home. Until they find ‘The Great Book of Spells’, Joe is stuck in Muddle Earth FOREVER!

My favourite part of the story is when everyone finds out that their arch enemy Dr. Cuddles is just a harmless teddy bear. I would rate this book 3/5 because the beginning is quite confusing as several people are speaking at the same time. No wonder this book is titled ‘Muddle Earth!’


Muddled Card

muddleearth card

Give this lovely card to your friends or family members to celebrate a special day.


  • A piece of white A4 card
  • A Newspaper
  • Glue
  • Bright markers


  1. Fold your piece of card in half.
  2. Cut out different letters from your newspaper.
  3. Stick down all your letters onto the card.
  4. Colour with markers the gaps between the letters.
  5. Write ‘Muddle Earth’ with bright coloured marker.

Top Tip:

Cut out only headings from the newspaper because it will make your card stand. out.more.

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