Rent a Bridesmaid, by Jacqueline Wilson

Tilly desperately wants to be a bridesmaid in a beautiful dress. Her biggest dream is walking down the aisle in a spectacular dress embellished in vivid and vibrant flowers, behind a bride. She would love to be a bridesmaid at her own Mum and Dad’s wedding. However, it is not very likely.

When Tilly’s best friend, Matty, gets to be a bridesmaid at her aunt’s wedding, Tilly takes matters into her own hands. Before long she decides to put a notice in the local shop window advertising her bridesmaid services. Unexpectedly, she gets a reply from many people…

The story follows by Tilly visiting several different weddings and meeting a range of unique people.

I would rate this book 5/5, because it is a humorous and heart-warming story about friends and family.


Bridesmaid Pearl Headband

This headband is very fancy and would be a pretty accessory for any special occasion.


  • Plain white headband
  • Glue Gun
  • Small pearls
  • Large pearls


1. With adult supervision, carefully put a dot of hot glue on a large pearl and stick the pearl onto the middle of the headband.

2.  Next, stick 7 smaller pearls on either side of the larger one.

3. Then, just repeat step 1 and 2 until you have covered the top of the headband.

Top Tips:

  1. Don’t forget to be patient and allow the hot glue to dry.

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