Guest Writer – Tam Warner Minton

The oceans support all life on our planet, and life on earth actually began in the sea. Every second breath we take comes from our oceans, which supplies the planet with more than 50% of our oxygen. Since life on earth could not exist without the ocean, it seems simple to realize that our oceans deserve our respect and care. Sadly, that is not the case. The underwater world is facing significant changes and challenges. Climate change propels tropical fish and other ocean life, including plants, into warmer and inhospitable waters. This change in the ecosystem can make food supplies scarcer for tropical fish and, ultimately, for us humans. This is a major crisis that isn’t just a job for scientists to solve—it’s up to all of us! 

For many years I have been participating in “citizen science” which is when individuals, including kids, help scientists with research and data collection. Through citizen science, I have been able to join scientists on dive expeditions around the world and photograph various marine creatures. The result is my colorful photo book of tropical fish faces, All Fish Faces. I hope that kids of all ages will understand the importance of ocean conservation by reading and looking at the book. I have made it my mission to educate kids and engage them in the exciting and awe-inspiring underwater world. I want kids of all ages to see the color and wonder of the coral reefs. If you cannot go to the ocean, I will bring the coral reef to you! 

My experiences diving the oceans of the world made me want to share what I have learned. In All Fish Faces you can expect to find:

• Incredible facts about a vast collection of tropical reef fish

• Up-close images of tropical fish, photographed while diving

• Advice on how we can help our ocean friends have a healthy and safe home, from recycling to using ocean-friendly sunscreen, and so much more!

• Knowing support of the book will benefit the Marine Megafauna Foundation, which strives to keep the ocean and our ocean giants from extinction

• What kids can do to make a difference!

I’ve had the thrill of teaching many children how to snorkel and dive, introducing them to the fantastic underwater world. Watching their excitement led me to write All Fish Faces: Photos and Fun Facts about Tropical Reef Fish. I know the more kids learn about our oceans, the more they will want to save it. Travel, experience, and visual learning has a real impact, and I hope the book will make kids want to go to the ocean and see for themselves. As a former University Lecturer and College Consultant, I have an absolute belief that education is a positive force. Knowledge is power, and I hope this knowledge inspires new scientists, conservationists, and ocean lovers for the next generation!

All Fish Faces is Book One of the new kid series, Ocean Friends. Book Two, More Fish Faces, is published on September 1, 2020 and will include exciting new fish species (eels and seahorses). I have also made a coloring book from my photographs called All Fish Faces Coloring Book. You can find free printable coloring and activity sheets on my website at as well as sample pages and a free excerpt of the book. The ebook is available on Amazon in Kindle ($5.99) and Paperback (14.99). You can find the book at various retail booksellers distributed through Ingram. I am also selling the book on my websites,, at a significant discount. 

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