My Favourite Quarantine Apps

The coronavirus outbreak has affected all of our lives in one way or another. So many people are getting bored at home and are also using technology more than usual. Therefore, I have compiled a list of free apps including educational ones to cure your boredom.


Quizlet is a very helpful app for any students and teachers. It is a really popular flashcard app. On the app, you can create sets of flashcards or use ones that other users have already created. With these sets, you can play games, learn them or even take tests. The many features on the app make it really useful when studying for tests or just revising your knowledge.


Duolingo is another educational app which helps you learn languages. Through the app, you can learn languages from French to Korean! To learn the basic vocabulary you can play interactive games to learn these words. The animations are also really bright and encouraging. The app also includes a premium membership with lots of benefits. However, with the free app, you can still use the app effectively.


Stoic is a mindfulness and online journaling app. On this app, you can do morning, during the day and evening activities. You can do mindfulness, journaling and even a quotes activity. These activities are a great way to spend your time during quarantine. You are using your time wisely by reflecting on your day and also calming yourself at the end of a long day.

Fit On

Fit On is another health-related app that is for workouts. I personally like this app the best for exercising because of the wide range of workouts it offers. Even if you don’t like working out I’m sure there is something on this app for you. The app offers workout videos from a variety of coaches including some celebrity ones. There are workouts ranging from pilates to HIIT, and even some ballet workouts!

Project Foodie

Project Foodie is an amazing app for anyone who is cooking during quarantine. On this app, you are provided with original recipes and detailed videos to go along with them. There are so many recipes ranging from 5-minute ones to hour-long ones. There is even a feature on the app where you can add the items you don’t own to a shopping list. So that when you do your online shopping you know exactly what items you need. Whether you are cooking for yourself or your family Project Foodie is an app you need.


Pocket is a really useful app for anyone who loves to read articles. You can save any articles from the internet onto the app for later. When you save them onto the app you can read them offline and even listen to them being read to you. Pocket also gives you recommended articles that they think you should read. This a really good app for saving articles that you may want to read in the future. It’s like having your own article database.


Goodreads is one of my favourite apps to find new books. You create an account and then the app recommends books you should read. You can also look at other people’s reviews of the book make sure it is something you want to read. The app has reviews for every book you could ever want to read. You can even see which books your favourite authors have commented on.


Podcasts is a default app that comes with an Apple device. On the app, you can listen to a variety of different podcasts for all of your interests. You can listen to a news podcast or even ones about mindfulness and meditation. Podcasts are a great way of learning whilst doing mindless tasks. I like to listen to them whilst I am doing chores since they pass the time quicker and help me to learn new things every day.


Terrarium is a game that I have really been enjoying. The game is a mindless game that I like to play when I am reflecting on my day. In the game, you tap plants to earn oxygen bubbles and earn levels. Once you get to a certain level or a certain amount of oxygen bubbles you can buy more plants. This app is good if you constantly find yourself fidgeting. It lets you focus on the task at hand whilst also doing an idle activity. Although it might seem pointless, I find it useful to focus my attention on an important task. You also get a sense of achievement when you move up a level.

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